Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I'm 40 uurrgghhhhh!

Ok, so it was my 40th birthday last week
(still cringing at the sound of that!)
but on the plus side, I did get really spoilt,
I might have to turn 40 again next year LMAO

What did I get? this......

yep, a new computer :o) (I'm still doing the happy dance hehe)
hubby wanted to get me a laptop, but I'm not biggest fan of laptops,
I know I am crazy, I can hear you all from here, but I like a good
desktop computer!
Anyway, just have to share this story with you all...
Hubby went off to JB Hifi on the way home from work and he
found a nice little computer that was on sale for $490, I think
it was an Acer, so he came home with it, got my daughter
to help him set it up and what do you know, the darn thing
wouldn't boot up. He tried for a bit (he does know what
he's doing lol) and then rang the store. The Sales guy tells
him to ring E-machines (the manufacturer), you can imagine
hubby's reaction...quite colourful indeed!
He asks to talk to the manager, who then says bring it
in and we'll have a look at it (lucky it was thursday night),
anyway, so hubby insists we all go in!
The manager and a few other guys come and look,
expecting it to be some silly thing that hubby didn't do.
Hubby says "You bloody ruined my Mrs' birthday!!"
They realise the computer was not worrking correctly
and they don't have anymore of that model in stock!
That'd be right haha, anyway they look at hubby, who
is by no means a small fellow and quickly offer him a
free upgrade (Yay me!) so I ended up with this HP Compaq
which was on sale for $700. I'm happy!

What else did I get? well, my niece LISA LEE who alot of you
may know, has a fantastic blog My Little Creative Wonderland
sent me this awesome gift...

3 full kits from  Bit of Whimsy Dolls
- Gertie Goat
- Millie Monkey
- Katie Kitten
all with fabric, patterns and everything needed to make
all three dolls. Lisa is absolutely addicted to these
dolls, I think she should almost have shares in the
company, with the amount she has brought...they are
so darn cute though!!!  I also got some extra fabrics
too as seen in the photo.
Thanks so much Lisa, I LOVE them all!

Oh and from family I also scored a $200 gift card
for Spotlight, (that's already got a bit of a beating lol)
a pretty photo frame and 40th glass

and some yummy alcohol :o)
(well, had to have some comfort in turning 40 hehe)
Cheers everyone, I had a great birthday!

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Crafting!

Peta xoxo


  1. hahaha glad you like them i own all but 1 pattern i think.i have to ignore doll updates as i love her dolls.{ok i just brought a boy mermaid but he's so cute hahaha}

    what a bargain with the computer!!! yay the only reason i like my labtop is i dont have much room for a desktop plus my craft stuff more important hahahaha..

    i could only imagine Hubby firing up with the "look here " least your computer will stay on now.

    and Happy 40TH! hehehe.

    xo enjoy spending the rest of that gift card

  2. Happy Happy Birthday xxx
    What a darling gift from Lisa

  3. Happy birthday!!
    Lucky you getting such a lovely new computer.
    Don't worry about being 40 it's just a number.
    Have fun spending your spotlight voucher!

  4. Happy 40th birthday Peta,whow what a great lot of gifts you got,enjoy.ox

  5. Happy 40th Birthday Peta, you received a lot of wonderful gifts, The computer was a bargain.