Saturday, July 30, 2011

Make a gift on the 25th and tell

the idea is to get your christmas crafts happening so that we are not
tied to our sewing machines on christmas eve, so hopefully we will
have all our gifts stitched up in time to relax over christmas.
So here we can share our ideas and hopefully inspire some else
to get a headstart on christmas too.

Today I have this to share

she is based on one of the mice in Tone Finnanger's book
Crafting Christmas gifts.

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Happy sewing!

Peta xoxo

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tilda'sTea Party

Hi there
I joined the Tilda's tea party swap over at Catalina's Cottage
Our task was to create  a Tilda tea party item, based on some of
the gorgeous designs in Tone Finnanger's fabulous books.
Also, as it is a tea party, we add 2 tea party themed items, these
can be handmade or purchased, Our favourite tea party recipe
and a sweet treat.

I thought about this for a while, while waiting to be assigned
to my swap partner. I was going to make a tea cosy but after
finding out that my swap partner Fiona likes pink and pretty
much alot of things that I like, I decided to have a go at making
a tapestry, that I fell in love with from the Tone Finnanger book
"Sew Pretty Homestyle"

This was my first attempt at making anything like this, so I
really hope it is OK

I know the photo is not the best, its just so hard to get
good light, so I have taken a close up of some of the detail

The hand stitched writing reads "Le petit Patisserie"
meaning The little bakery and
"Belles tentations" meaning Beautiful temptations.
also, as promised, the other items...
2  x  tea party themed items  :  A cupcake stand and
 Some cupcake spirinkles for Fiona to decorate her cupcakes.
Favourite Tea paty recipe:  Ok I cheated, I could not decide
on just one and I believe that one can not have too many cupcakes
especially at a tea party, so I found a gorgeous book filled
with yummy cupcake recipes. Yum!
Finally, I found that Fiona loves Choc coated pinapple lumps,
so hopefully these ones will be as nice as the ones that she likes.

I had alot of fun doing this swap, so I'd love to say a big thankyou
to Cat for hosting this swap and Fiona, I hope these items arrive
in London very soon!

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Happy Sewing
Peta xoxox

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Santa sack

Hi everyone
Today I have a Santa sack that I based on a pattern for in Tone
Finnanger's Book "Crafting Christmas Gifts". I have recnetly
signed up for  a santa sack swap, so I thought I'd have
a go and and this is what I have come up with...

I just need to find a nice wooden coathanger to compliment
the bag. like the one in the book :o)

I am linking this post up to

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Saturday, July 16, 2011


I recently dicovered this brilliant book by Tone Finnanger at my
local library

ofcourse it has made me want every other book that she
has written, the projects are so gorgeous and easy to follow!

So here is my first attempt at one of the dolls...

Unfortunately I didn't have any toy hair around, so I tried
using wool on this one, just need to find some other alternatives.
I used calico for his skin and I coloured it with E00
copic marker, it gave a nice even finish.

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Peta xoxox

Friday, July 15, 2011

Another swap

I recently signed up for a few handmade Christmas in July swaps and
this one was with The Oz Material Girls  My swap partner's name is
 Jennifer and she lives in NSW.
In keeping with the Christmas in July theme, I have made another elf
and some little tree decorations.

I hope she will like them :o)
I took the pattern for the elf from 'Homemade Magazine',
The peg reindeer were a kit from my local craft store
and the peg angels are my own design.
I'd just like to thank The Oz Materials Girls for hosting this
fantastic swap!

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tilda Sew Along

I have recently discovered the workings of Tone Finnanger, creator
of the gorgeous Tilda dolls and lots of other gorgeous chracters
and loads of other gorgeous things.
Along my travels, I was directed (by my niece Lisa) to this wonderful blog... 
Lydias's Treasures
Lydia is hosting a 'Sew along'

The Sew-A-Long starts 22nd August with one tutuorial per week,
over 3 weeks, working on a new Tilda project from this book by
Tone Finnanger...

So why not head on over HERE to get all the info and/or sign up 
for whats bound to be lots of fun :o)

Also, I have to tell you about a fantastic swap that is  going on

All the info and sign up can be found HERE
sign up for the tea party swap closes 22nd July.
Hope to see you all there :o)

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Peta xoxox

It's Christmas in July pt 2

Hi everyone
About a week ago, I blogged a story about a swap that

I joined with Potter and Butler and the theme was...
Christmas in July. the idea was to create a handmade gift
for our assigned partner, and also make another gift as a
random act of kindness to give to someone who we know
but to keep it secret until the gift was sent.
I sent my randome gift just over a week ago and the post
is just below this one.
This time I have made gifts to give to my assigned partner,
who just happens to be a great friend of mine (we were
accidently paired up by Potter and Butler as they did not
realise that we knew each other, so I guess it was just
meant to be that way ) her name is Lianne. I made some
things that Lianne might be able to use for her gorgeous
young daughters this christmas season, so Lianne, i hope
you will like them :o)
Firstly, I went through my stash of bits and pieces and found
some printed fabric panels that I had brought from spotlight
a little while ago, to make some advent calenders...

The pockets are randomly numbered, with flaps that open to
out to reveal a treat that Lianne can put in for them later this year.

The second one...

I also made some treat bags for her to fill with yummy treats
all hand embroided and fully lined. I have mad a Snowman,
I got the pattern from an old copy of 'Handmade' magazine.
The other one, which hopefully looks like a reindeer (my hubby
says its a bear hahaha), I made the pattern myself for, I wanted
it to be simular shaped to the snowman...

I found a little beaded kit to make these 3 little christmas wreath
ornaments for the christmas tree...

and finally I made some peg angels, these were my own design

So now I would just like to say a big thankyou again to
Potter and Butler for hosting the swap, it has been a fantastic
experience and I would love recommend it to everyone out
there in blogland. I hope to join in the fun again some time.

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Happy crafting!

Peta xoxoxox

It's Christmas in July pt1

Hi everyone
I have been MIA again, but I have been busy crafting :o)

My Niece Lisa Lee finally convinced me to dust off my sewing
machine, so I have been dabbling a little here and there with
different sewing projects.
I decded to jump into the deep end with it all and joined a
Handmade gift Swap over at Potter and Butler and the theme
of course is Christmas in July.
So the idea of the swap is to make a gift (any type of craft)
for someone who we would be paired up with and also make
another gift for another person in our lives, as a Random act
of kindness and to suprise them with their gift.

I decided to make mine random gift for my niece Lisa as she
was the one who encouraged me to get involved in this swap
and try new crafty things. I have always felt that we have been
pretty close, we always share stories of motherhood, craft, just
about everything and I feel that this swap has brought us even
closer, even though we almost 600km apart!

I ended up making a few bits and pieces, the first was an Elf
doll that I found a pattern for in an old copy of "Handmade

A close up of his face, my first attempt at hand embroiding

I also made some decorations for her christmas tree using
my recent new addiction FELT, I just can't get enough
of this stuff at the moment, who would have evr thought

that something so simple and inexpensive could be so
wonderful!  here we have some little Snowmen, I found
the pattern for these in Better Homes and Gardens magazine
It was the December 2006 issue and the snowfake baubles
can be found in "Fa La La La Felt"....

I found some cute Peg Angels in Better Homes and Gardens
magazine too, I must admit, I wasn't overly happy with the colour
that I had used on these, But, Lisa really like Yellow and she

assured me that she was happy with them :o)

and after seeing these cuties, I just had to have a go at making
some, they were in an old copy of Handmade Magazine...

and finally I made a cute little snowman bag that can be filled
with sweets or small gifts. I found this pattern an Handmade

Magazine too. Everything is hand embroided....

I had such a great time making all of these and sending them to
has made them even more special to me as I know that she will

love them and appreciate them and hopefully they will remind
her of this fantastic moment in time, where she convinced me
that there was more to the world of crafting than just Papercraft!
I will always love and enjoy Papercraft, but it has been fantastic
discovering and trying new things.

Funnily enough, Lisa also chose ME as her Random gift partner
for the swap I was shocked and suprised to see my package
arrive that she had kept secret. I will post pics of that in the next
day or two, as I am sure that this post is long enough LOL!

So Thankyou again Lisa for my wonderful gifts, I hope that you
enjoy yours as much as I enjoyed making them :oD and thankyou
too, to Potter and Butler for hosting this fabulous swap xoxoxox

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Crafting!
Peta xoxoxoxox

Art doll swap

Hi everyone
Recently over at Born2create, they held an Art Doll Swap
I wasn't really sure about what it involved, but after a bit of
research, I found that it was about making a doll for
decorative purposes, so one that is not supposed to be
played with. I found lots of inspiration to suit all tastes,
but decided to make a simple cloth doll.
She is my first real attempt at making this sort of thing.

anda close up of her face...

So now we are just waiting on our swap partners, I hope
she will like her :o)

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Happy Sewing!
Peta xoxo

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Hi everyone/anyone who might be out there in blogland
I have decided to start a new blog for all my craft
endevours, I hope you all follow along and gain some
inspiration. Thanks

Happy crafting!