Monday, July 9, 2012

Christmas boxes/bags

I recently joined Stampin Up and have been playing
around with papercrafts again.
With all of the Christmas in July projects happening,
it got me in the mood to start planning treat boxes/bags.
I have taken lots of inspiration from this wonderful website
Chicnscratch this lady has some of those most awesome
papercraft tutorials you will ever see...

Here is what I have come up with

I have added beads and sequins to the treat cup to make it
a snow globe (and yes there is a tutorial HERE)
Then ofcourse I had to try it in another colour and see
if the treat cup would hold water. So as you can see,
they are in fact great for making real snow globes!

next time. I will add that little bit more water, as
I thought it was more full than it was lol.

I laso made this one

and this one

the tutorial for this one is HERE
if you are looking for any of the dies or other products
that I have used in making any of these, you can get them
from you local Stampin Up demonstrator or you can contact me.

Thanks for stopping by
Happy crafting!

Peta xoxo

Santa sack swap

Hi everyone
Yesterday I recieved my Santa sack and first 2 gifts from
Lauren in Cheryll's Santa sack swap
I was so happy when I opened my parcel, to see the sack that
I was eyeing on the santa sack blog...yay me :oD

Lauren saw that I am a big fan of Tone Finnanger
and this is the gorgeous santa sack that she made just for me.
Thankyou so much Lauren, I absolutely Love it!!!!

and here are the gorgeous card and gifts that were inside

I have been very good and have packed them away
without squeezing them at all ;o)
Out of sight out of mind hehe, you'll (I'll) have to wait
til Christmas to see whats inside!

Here is what I sent to Lauren

the stitchery patterns are from Natalie Bird's
"Tis the Season".
Hope you like them Lauren :oD

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Crafting!

Peta xoxo