Monday, August 29, 2011

Santa's coming early!

Hi everyone
I joined a Santa Sack swap, which is being hosted by
Our fisrt part of the assignment is to make a Santa Sack or bag and
send it to our assigned partner along with 2 gifts to put inside the sack.
we will then send 2 more gifts each month until December, plus 1 extra
special gift for December, so there will be a total of atleast 9 gifts
for our partners to open on Christmas day!

I just had to sign up for this one, it will be fun to have gifts under
the tree for me this year and not just the kids :o)

Anway, I have been partnered up with Toni who lives in
New Zealand and I have made a santa sack based on the
designs of Tone Finnanger, from her book Crafting Christmas gifts.

These have been sent off and should be reaching Toni soon,
I hope she will like them :o)

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Crafting!
Peta xoxox

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Swap Gifts recieved

Hi everyone,
I have been doing a few swaps lately and I have been reciving lots
of gorgeous things from all of my swap partners too. I have
been meaning to blog all the goodies that I have recieved, but sometimes
things just get in the way and before you know it, there is a whole pile of
things to show off and thanks people for :oD

So, this may turn out to be a long post as I have 4 wonderful parcels to
show you  from 4 fantastic/talented ladies. You might want to go
and make a cuppa first lol!

I will start with the most recent parcel that I have recieved..

I joined a Tea Party themed swap, We were to make a tea party
themed item based on designs by Tone Finnanger, in her awesome
range of books. Then we add 2 tea party items  (can be brought or made)
 and a sweet treat.
I was partnered with a really nice lady named Fiona, who lives in the UK
and here are the yummy offerings that she has sent on to me...

My daughter is just waiting to get her hands on all the goodies,
I don't even know if they'll make it to the cupcakes lol
Fiona has sent us some Glitter writing Gels and choc buttons
to decorate some cupcakes, some cupcake cases and also some
really pretty butterfly cupcake outer casings and if thats not enough,
she even included a gorgeous cupcake stand, Yay, how lucky am I!
For the handmade part, Fiona has sewn these gorgeous  table mats, these
were made with Tilda Fabrics, which are also designed by Tone Finnanger.

Thankyou so much Fiona I love each and every gift, I hope you recieve
mine very soon!
You can see more of Fiona's creations HERE
This swap was organised by Cat from Catalina's Cottage

Next I have a swap that was organised by Cheryll from Gone Stitchin,
The swap was "Once a season" and the theme - Spring
My fabulous partner this time was Vickie from the NT here in
Australia, and her are the gorgeous gifts she has sent to me...

I just love this bag, which can be used for pegs or to keep patterns
or little bits and pieces in. Too pretty for the clothesline, I think this stay
on my craft table to keep little pices organised. I love the pockets with
the miniature ladybird pegs. Inside I found a packet of really pretty buttons,
I thank you so much for these too Vickie, I don't have alot of buttons so
and really need to build a stash of them :o) and Inside the bag was a copy
of Tone Finnager's Tilda's Summer Ideas.
Thanks again Vickie for your fantastic gifts.
You can see more of Vickie's fabulous creations HERE

Next, I have 2 gifts from 1 swap.
I joined Potter and Butler's Christmas in July (this was my first swap)
The idea was to make a gift for our assigned partner and also make
a gift and send to a friend as a randome act of kindness...

My first one (and I should have blogged this a while ago, but I know
she'll forgive me lol) was from my Niece Lisa Lee.
She was doing this swap too and she chose me as her random
act of kindness gift.
She sent me a gorgeous doll to sit on my craft table to offer me
inspiration, and that she really has, you see, it was Lisa, who got me
to dig out my sewing machine and get creating. I thought I couldn't
do any of this and Lisa continued to spur me on and encouraged me
 to join in all the fun of swapping so I thank you again from the bottom
of my heart for showing me that I can do this.
Here is the doll that she sent me, I love her so much she reminds
me  a little of a ballerina with her bun and long slender legs

but that's not all (lol), Lisa also made me some really cute decorations
for my christmas tree. 4 really cute Jingle Mice, I just love their bell noses.
4 really sweet Reindeer, 4 gorgeous snowmen and a special little angel too!

These will definatley take pride of place on my tree later this year.
You can see more of Lisa's gorgeous creations HERE

and as I said I did recieve 2 lots of gifts, the other was from my swap
partner Lianne, who funnily enough is a good friend of mine, we were
accidently matched as our swap organiser didn't know that we
knew each other hahaha
Lianne made a few things, she made some fantastic Christmas cards
and gorgous sequin hearts for ny christmas tree and she made
this awesome Christmas wreath for me to hang, it was made
with broken green glass bottles and beads. The photo really does
not do this any justice, it is so pretty in real life. My husband
thought it looked like toffee and wanted to bite it hahahaha

Thankyou so much Lianne I really love these gifts and I will treasure
them forever. I wish I could point you toard more of Lianne's work
as she dabbles in so many different crafts, but Lianne doesn't have
a blog yet, I will have to try harder to convince her lol

Well that's all of them for now, How lucky have I been to get such
generous talented swap partners!!! Thanks again to everyone
involved in these swaps and for anyone who hasn't tried
swapping yet, go for it, it is a really rewarding experience!
You can see the gifts that I have made for these swaps further
down in my blog history.

Thanks for stopping by (hope you didn't fall asleep)
Until next time...Happy Crafting!
Peta xoxox

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Once a season - Spring swap

hi everyone
Today I have a swap gift for my Once a season partner
Vickie, who lives in Humpty Doo in the Northern Territory.
The theme was Spring.
I have made a snail from the Tone Finnanger book
'Crafting Tilda's Friends'. I have also included some
packets of flower seeds and added them to pouches that
you can find in 'Tilda's Summer ideas" also by Tone Finnanger
and a flower print fat quarter of fabric.

I'd like to say a big Thanks to Cheryll from Gone Stitchin'
for hosting this great swap!

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Crafting!
Peta xoxo

my first quilt

I have just made my first quilt! I thought I'd have a go :o)
I decided to choose a simple enough project to get me started...

The photo isnt the best, I just couldnt agle the camera right
or get the best light lol.
The middle section is a panel and the strips of fabric down
the side are fat quarters from the same fabric range
"Trains - All aboard"

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Crafting!
Peta xoxo

Friday, August 12, 2011

needle holder/pin cushion

Hi everyone,

Thought Id have a go at one of these gorgeous needle cases that I saw
in Tone Finnanger's book "Sew Pretty Homestyle".
I am forever loosing sewing needles, so thought it would be fantastic to
have something to store them in. I thought I should also make a
matching pincushion, as I always loose my pins too!
The front design pattern can also be found in the same book
I have coloured the image on calico with copic markers
and embroidery threads.
The inside of the needle case has four pabric pages
to hold plenty of needles...

the pin cushion tutorial can be found HERE

I am linking this up to Our Creative Spaces
and Sew Darn Crafty
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Happy Crafting!

Peta xoxox