Sunday, November 4, 2012

Legend of the Christmas Star

Wow can you believe it is only 51 days until Christmas...
I better get cracking on all my christmas goodies!
I have been playing around with Stampin up's
Holiday Ornament stamps and dies
 I just love the holiday ornaments that were
featured their latest mini catalogue, so ofcourse
I had a go at doing some myself.
I am going to attach "The Legend of the Christmas Star"
to these and give them to my kids teachers.
here is the poem...
A diamond shines no brighter
then a lonely christmas star.
It shines in all its brilliance:
it's seen from near or far.
A symbol of the Christ child
as he lay upon the hay.
It tells to all the waiting world
a King was born that day!
O Bethlehem star keep shining-
give us faith and hope and love.
Keep our thoughts forever turning
to the Saviour up above.
Give us strength and hope and courage
to do our best by far
and never falter in our faith
as we watch that Christmas star.
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Happy Crafting!
Peta xoxo

Friday, November 2, 2012

Cars Lolly box

Now that Halloween is done and dusted, it's time
to start planning my children's birthday parties...
They are both december babies, with birthday 2 days apart.
I have entertained the idea of shared parties, but I have my
daughter turning 8 (although I think she likes to think
she's a teenager lol) and my boy will be 4.
So that would never work (sigh).
So we have agreed on 2 seperate parties. My daughter wants
the movies and My boy wants "Disney Cars"
So at the moment we are working on the Cars one :o)
I was lucky to find that a relatively local play centre
has a great deal and a cars themed room...Yay!
So I am thinking of getting all the Cars themed plates etc
(even though I don't really have to provide those, its just
that I thought it would make it that bit more special)
So then I started thinking about Lolly/fabour boxes.
I looked at commercial boxes and bags, but couldnt find
quite what I wanted.
So I thought hang on, I can make something I am sure!
After lots of trial and error in the planning
I came up with something I was happy with.
So without further Ado, I present to you all

...his cap comes off and can be fill with lollies and favours.

I think next time his wheel rims will be silver.
But I think not bad for my first attempt anyway haha

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Peta xoxo


Happy Halloween (well a little late)

My kids just love Halloween. We don't go out trick
or treating ourselves, but my kids love to dress up and
hand out candy to all the trick or treaters that know on
the door. Unfortunately, this year, the weather put them
all off and we didn't even have one knock on the door.
My daughter was devestated!
Mind you she doesn't mind picking at the huge witches cauldron
that is still full of halloween goodies hehehe.
All was not lost though, she asked me if I could make a little
treat that she could hand out to all the kids in her class.
So she handed them out at school on Halloween.
I made the girls a little Bat purse filled with lollies.
The handbag is a Stampin up die "Petite Purse"
and I used some punches to make the eyes and wings
ans some scraps to make the teeth and ears
they were a huge hit, the boys even wanted them!
I wasn't quite so creative with the boys ones, as I was
quickly running out of time. But they were just as happy anyway.
I used Stampin up's "Mini Milk Carton" die and the
new "Goulish Gouls"stamps and designer kit.
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Peta xoxo

Fat Quarter swap

I celebrated my umteenth birthday this month
uuurrrggghhh dont you hate birthdays when they are your own
...I know I do... lol!
I joined Cheryll's Fat Quarter swap earlier this year
and we each send a Fat Quarter to each lady in the
swap when her birthday comes around. We all end up with
12 fat quarters on our birthday :oD
So first of all I would like to send a big thanks to everyone
for their birthday greetings and goodies
and now I have a piccy to share too

Thanks again to everyone and Thanks Cheryll for hosting
another fab swap!
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Happy Crafting!
Peta xoxo

Halloween swap update

Hi everyone
I know that I promised to come back and show what I sent to
Lisa in that Halloween swap that we did together, but I have
been busy over that last few weeks, so I have come back today to
quickly share what I sent to her
I made the halloween wreath and crackers using my own set
of the stampin up Goulish Gouls and designer kit.
I sent Lisa a set of these stamps and kit, as I knew she'd
enjoy using them with her kids.
Here is a close up of the wreath.
I also made a book that Lisa can use to record her
favourite halloween recipes and ideas.
She LOVES Alice in Wonderland, so I used that as
my theme using some of the Graphic 45
Halloween in Wonderland papers that I also sent Lisa
Thanks again Lisa, I had a great time with this swap.
Thanks for stopping by
Happy crafting!
Peta xoxo