Sunday, November 4, 2012

Legend of the Christmas Star

Wow can you believe it is only 51 days until Christmas...
I better get cracking on all my christmas goodies!
I have been playing around with Stampin up's
Holiday Ornament stamps and dies
 I just love the holiday ornaments that were
featured their latest mini catalogue, so ofcourse
I had a go at doing some myself.
I am going to attach "The Legend of the Christmas Star"
to these and give them to my kids teachers.
here is the poem...
A diamond shines no brighter
then a lonely christmas star.
It shines in all its brilliance:
it's seen from near or far.
A symbol of the Christ child
as he lay upon the hay.
It tells to all the waiting world
a King was born that day!
O Bethlehem star keep shining-
give us faith and hope and love.
Keep our thoughts forever turning
to the Saviour up above.
Give us strength and hope and courage
to do our best by far
and never falter in our faith
as we watch that Christmas star.
Thanks for stopping by
Happy Crafting!
Peta xoxo


  1. they are so freaking cool ! loving the poem keeping it traditional super special !! love them.xo

  2. You are so clever, those stars are just beautiful. Cheers.

  3. Those stars are amazing - talented in every way

  4. They are gorgeous,I have also just tagged you in a game of blog tag. to find out more go to No pressure if you don't want to play along,no worries. It's all just a bit of fun.

  5. I received your STUNNING ornament today!! I absolutely love it, Peta! It looks very at home on my little Christmas tree here in the Hearth Room. I hope to get a couple pics and blog about it tomorrow. It is so lovely and extra special to know it was handmade. I also love that you sent the poem to me and the sweet card. You're very creative! Thank you so much. xoxo

  6. Hi Peta! I was so happy to receive your gorgeous star in the post!! I have it hanging in the window in my dining area! Thankyou also for your beautifully made card and I love the poem... Merry Christmas to you! x Shara