Friday, November 2, 2012

Cars Lolly box

Now that Halloween is done and dusted, it's time
to start planning my children's birthday parties...
They are both december babies, with birthday 2 days apart.
I have entertained the idea of shared parties, but I have my
daughter turning 8 (although I think she likes to think
she's a teenager lol) and my boy will be 4.
So that would never work (sigh).
So we have agreed on 2 seperate parties. My daughter wants
the movies and My boy wants "Disney Cars"
So at the moment we are working on the Cars one :o)
I was lucky to find that a relatively local play centre
has a great deal and a cars themed room...Yay!
So I am thinking of getting all the Cars themed plates etc
(even though I don't really have to provide those, its just
that I thought it would make it that bit more special)
So then I started thinking about Lolly/fabour boxes.
I looked at commercial boxes and bags, but couldnt find
quite what I wanted.
So I thought hang on, I can make something I am sure!
After lots of trial and error in the planning
I came up with something I was happy with.
So without further Ado, I present to you all

...his cap comes off and can be fill with lollies and favours.

I think next time his wheel rims will be silver.
But I think not bad for my first attempt anyway haha

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Crafting!

Peta xoxo



  1. omg so stinking cute !!!!!!!!!! looks freaking fantastic ! your gonna have to spill how to make them ! hehe pete seen it and went nuts xo

    how quick are all the birthdays rolling around charlotte changed so many times finally settled on lady bugs ! invites done lolly bags too but i cheated and brought them haha

  2. wow Peta thats awesome,well done you are very clever thats a great idea.xx

  3. What a great idea, my kids were never so lucky, you are so creative, lucky 4 year old. Cheers.

  4. Mack looks great, they will be a hit for sure.
    Belated birthday wishes! Lots of lovely fat quarters to add to your stash.

  5. Hello Peta,

    That car is so damn cute. Just perfect.

    happy days.