Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hello World!

Hi there, its been oh so long since I last posted anything on this blog, but I decided it was time to dust off the cobwebs and let you all kow that yes I am still alive :) What have I been doing? lots of crazy things lol! Crafting? A little but more gardening lately, it has become a passion...I particularly love the idea of mini gardening and I have been trying my hand at the art of Bonsai. I have really liked little mini cactus and other small succulents for a while but wasn't sure where I would plant them. After finding lots of inspiriation on the internet I decided that I should have a go. I brought a small selection of succulents at bunnings and a 25 cm terracotta pot. I decided on the design that I wanted, then I thought I would just jump in and have a go! This is what I ended up with.... I covered the terrapotta pot with a teatowel and tapped lightly where I thought I would want the break to be and luckily for me it just worked out pretty much how I wanted it to... as you can see I used the left over pieces to create levels in the pot. After adding the plants I decided it needed something extra, a horse or a tiny farm house or something. My daughter quickly offered me a leggo horse and he fit in fantastically. Thanks Brieana! After looking at it for a short while i decided it still needed something...hmmm why not add a bottom layer by filling the larger drainage tray, I think I made the right choice as it seems to finish it all off nicely... I remembered that I had a little add on leggo pack stashed away, with this little guy with his little barrow and pick and shovel...maybe he is out prospecting for gold or something, or just collecting rocks for his garden, either way, I think he fit in nicely. I really enjoyed putting this together and can see myself making a few more really soon. Watch out kids, you better hide your leggo :o) Thanks for stopping by Peta xoxo

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  1. Gardening is lots of fun. I forget to come inside when I am in the garden, it is so relaxing. Looks like you are having lots of fun. Enjoy!!!!!