Monday, December 26, 2011

More christmas Goodies

Hi again
A few months ago, my niece Lisa Lee and I decided
to make our own Santa Sack swap after missing
another swap that was just closed.

We were supposed to send a total of 5 or 6 gifts
to each other but ended up with a few extra along the way.
I was totally blown away by my gifts on Christmas
morning as Lisa really spoiled me alot and showed that
she really does love to give and give with all of her heart!

Lisa really enjoys finding things that she knows her swap
partner will love and will use, she has her own way of finding
the perfect gifts, based on anything that she can see
that you will like, she remembered things that I looked at
a few months ago and that I had forgotten about!
Lisa really is the ''Queen of Swaps", she never leaves
anyone disappointed and always gives so much!

I know that Lisa has had a few swappers that have not
honoured their commitments in the past, but it has
never put her off and she continues to put in 110%
every time. Thankyou so much Lisa, it has been
a real pleasure to be involved in this swap with you!

Here are the AMAZING gifts that I recieved...
1. Craft Hope  book (there are loads of gorgeous
projects in there and part sales go to Global Impact
2.  Two awesome patterns from Melly and Me
I come in peace'the cutest Alien ever (lisa kew I
wanted this one) and Freya she is oh so cute too!

3.  Four fat quarters of flesh coloued fabrics
4.  Striped fabric with matching cotton,some embroidery
wool, pins and trim (these will all be perfect for making
Tilda dolls)

5.  Blue and Purple fabrics with matching threads, embroidery
wool and trims.
6.  Pink fabric with matching thread and wool
and check out that gorgeous Alexander Henry fabric too!
7.  More striped fabric and yummy strawberry
fabric by Michael Miller and some cute bells and beads.

and yes, there is  More...
8.  Ten of the most beautiful fabrics that you ever seen
including Michael Miller and Tanya Wheylan.

All of these were presented an a gogeous handmade bag
you can see everything together here,
what an amazing lots of gifts. Thankyou so much again Lisa.

I only wish that I had sent Lisa nearly as much as
she sent me!

There is still one more gift that is really special to me.
I had inteded to photograph it with the rest, but they were
still sitting by my computer when I took the pics.
Lisa is really talented in may ways, she recently began
making Art Canvases and she has made one for me too
with a matching Jounal. She is called
" Angel to watch over me"

I really wish you could see these in real life as the photo does
not do them any justice, The texture is Amazing, they really
do seem to have a life all of their own. I will always treasure
these and I am sure they will will offer me inspiration for years
to come.  Thankyou so much :o)

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Crafting!

Peta xoxo


  1. whow that canvas and book are amazing,lucky you Peta.
    Gee what an awesome parcel to receive Peta,Lisa picked well xxxxxx

  2. nawww u nearly made me cry!! i loved my craft hope book from cat so as the big heart i have i had to buy you oneplus for some reason i kept thinking you will love the sock monkey pattern..

    its kinda funny seeing everything i sent cause some things i kinda forgot about hahahaha.
    the strippy fabric,the wool and flesh colored fabric thought be perfect for tilda makings especially cause i know u love the christmas one.bells are great just to add that jingle.

    i love that mushroom fabric and thought id better send it before i steal it even tho i have some in my stash.freya thought be perfect for B and i come in peace i know u wanted.{plus i got a good deal as well u know what im like with patterns!!!)

    how cute is that michael miller owl fabric!! so pretty in real life.

    Plus as the christmas spirit says give more than you get!!
    Im sooooooooooooo Happy you like my Angels she has a special place in my heart.i love them all.


  3. two posts with magnificent gifts!! You lucky girl. Can't wait to see the delights you make with those lovely fabrics.