Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A fun christmas quiz!

Hi all
OK, so it's 4 sleeps til christmas and I thought I'd
have a liitle fun :o)
I found a Christmas Quiz that is going around in blogland,
I found on Here on Lisa's blog, but I believe it all started HERE here goes...

1.  Egg nog or Chocolate?      Well, we don't really do Egg nog here, so
          I'd have to say Chocolate.....but, then again, it's so hot in Australia
          at this time of year, so to be really honest, it would be more along
          the lines of an ice cold beer!

2.  Does Santa wrap the presents or just sit them under the tree?
          Definately Wrapped and under the tree...coloured co-ordinated
          too, so there is no confusion about who's  gifts is who's lol!

3.  Coloured lights on tree/house or white?     Colour all the way!!!!

4.   Do you hang Mistletoe?     Again, this is not really big here,
          although I  wish it were! I can't seem to find it anywhere here,
          or I surely would hang it on every door ;o)

5.  When do you put your decorations up?    I usually wait til December
          1st, but this year I started early, it was about the 25th of November.
          They stay up until the 12th day of Christmas/January 6th.

6.  What is your favourite holiday dish?     Well, when I was younger, it
          was definately a traditional roast Dad used to get
          everything cooking...Turkey, duck, goose, chicken, ham, roast veges
          and nearly anything else you could imagine.
          Christmas was HUGE at our house, the whole street used to come
          (I'm not kidding!) These days, as it us usually in the high 30s
          Celsius here in Australia (100 degrees+ for everyone that uses
          Farenheit),  I really enjoy my husbands Garlic prawns on the BBQ,
          they are  absolutely divine! Along with salads and antipasto platters
          and all sorts of yummy finger foods :o)

7.  Favourite holiday memory as a child?     Everything! Like I said,
          Christmas was Huge! My dad was truly Father Christmas in his own
          right :o) those days were very special!

8.  When and how did you find out the truth about Santa?     To be
          honest... I don't really know. I am the youngest of 6 kids and
          I guess because my brothers and sisters 'knew' they made sure that
          I knew too! I know it sounds sad, but christmas was still pretty
          special :o) and it is probably why I try and make things extra special
          for my children,  I like to keep all of the magic of Santa  alive and I
          do everything I can to stop them from finding out lol, I have an
          excuse for Everything!

9.  Do you open a gift on Christmas eve?     No way! I do give my kids
          new pyjamas on christmas eve though, so they will look great in
          the photos  in the morning!

10.  How do you decorate your christmas tree?    I used to be terrible
          and not let anyone at all touch my tree, it had to be Perfect! hahaha
          then  I had kids :o)  when my daughter was almost 4 I let her have
          a go and she did an awesome job, so I let her do it and my boy
          joined her this year with christmas carols and treats :o)
          I have an array of decorations, some handmade, some with a story
          behind them, every single tip is covered!

11.  Snow, love it or dread it?     I have never experienced snow, infact
          the closest I have been to snow is defrosting my freezer lol! As
          much as I would love to experience a white christmas (and it
          probably would be a nice change from our hot summers) I think
          I would whinge and complain about the cold, we barely get to
          0 degrees here and I complain!

12.  Can you Ice skate?     Never really tried! My daughter got invited
          to an iceskating party last year and I didnt get to go out on the ice
          as I had my little boy who was not even 2 yet, he was too litle to
          go out, maybe we should try this year :o)

13.  Do you remebr your favourite gift?     Hmmm, well my kids were
          born pretty close to christmas, so they would be it hahaha and
          anything they make for me. Simple things are often the best!

14. What's the most important thing about the holidays for you?   
          My kids!
          Its all about making it magic for them. I like to include a bit of
          religion too so that it is not all totally commercial!

15.  What is your favourite holiday dessert?     Anything made with
          icecream, you know the recipes you pick up in all the magazines
          this time of year!
          Oh and definately  a few yummy Cocktails!!!

16.  What's your favourite holday tradition?     The kids choose 2
          new tree  decorations every year, they will get thes for there
          own trees when they are older, we usually find something
          that reflects them in the last year!
          Also love the fun of Avent calendars, I make them different
          ones each year and they also have matchbox surprises each
          day...they open a box and it has something we have to do
          together as a family, it could be watching movies, going to
          the park, baking some treats, christmas crafts  etc, they are
          really enjoying it this year. Oh and ofcourse, having a look at
          everyone's christmas lights too.

17.  What tops your tree?     My Dad's last Christmas Angel!
           She is looking a little weary these days, but I just can not
           ever replace her, she means too much to me!

18.  Which do you prefer, Giving or receiving?     Definately
           Giving! I like to see people's faces when they open there gifts
           and pray that they will like them lol!

19.  Candy Canes: Yuck or yummy?     I don't mind one or two, I
           like them more for decoration than anything :o)

20.  Favourite Christmas show?     "Scrooge" the 1971 musical
           version starring Albert Finney.
           It's the one I remember most as a kid and
           I have never found a version that I enjoy as much!

21.  Saddest Christmas song?     I'm not sure that I know any sad ones!

22.  What is your favourite Christmas song?     really, just one hahahaha,
          well at the moment, it would be "O Holy Night" and
          Wham's "Last Christmas".

Phew I am done! why not join in the fun, you know you want to ;o)

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Christmas
and happy crafting

Peta xoxox


  1. yep the christmas dos that grandad used to throw def the best!! and miss them but because of him we make christmas special for our own families.i think he will be looking down proud of us remembering what christmas is all about.


  2. sounds like you have many happy Christmas memories and are making lots for your children too.
    All the best for Christmas and the New Year!

  3. merry xmas Peta.xx