Sunday, November 27, 2011

Love Swaps? Have I found a swap for you...

A NEW YEAR CRACKER SWAP = where you get a tubing no smaller than 5 inches long fill with crafting supplies like fabric buttons ribbon etc .you can buy cracker {or bon bon }tubing from Spotlight or you can make your own from card stock by cutting 5inch by 5inches {or bigger} and rolling into a tube.Than see how much you can get into it.once tube is full wrap with fabric {not paper} and tie with ribbon or string to create your cracker.

so head on over HERE
to Lisa's blog
My Little Crative Wonderland
and sign up, you know you want to :o)

Thanks for stopping by
Peta xoxo

1 comment:

  1. Peta it is a great idea of lisa's,but i am going to sit this one out,lol,i think i am all swapped out and i need to concentrate on xmassy presents for the grand-children now.
    Gee xmas is coming up fast now.