Monday, August 29, 2011

Santa's coming early!

Hi everyone
I joined a Santa Sack swap, which is being hosted by
Our fisrt part of the assignment is to make a Santa Sack or bag and
send it to our assigned partner along with 2 gifts to put inside the sack.
we will then send 2 more gifts each month until December, plus 1 extra
special gift for December, so there will be a total of atleast 9 gifts
for our partners to open on Christmas day!

I just had to sign up for this one, it will be fun to have gifts under
the tree for me this year and not just the kids :o)

Anway, I have been partnered up with Toni who lives in
New Zealand and I have made a santa sack based on the
designs of Tone Finnanger, from her book Crafting Christmas gifts.

These have been sent off and should be reaching Toni soon,
I hope she will like them :o)

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Crafting!
Peta xoxox


  1. very nice Peta,well done with your santa sack,lucky swap partner.

  2. gorgeous sack. Sounds like a fun swap.

  3. Someone is going to be very lucky your receive your santa sack. Beautiful.