Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tilda'sTea Party

Hi there
I joined the Tilda's tea party swap over at Catalina's Cottage
Our task was to create  a Tilda tea party item, based on some of
the gorgeous designs in Tone Finnanger's fabulous books.
Also, as it is a tea party, we add 2 tea party themed items, these
can be handmade or purchased, Our favourite tea party recipe
and a sweet treat.

I thought about this for a while, while waiting to be assigned
to my swap partner. I was going to make a tea cosy but after
finding out that my swap partner Fiona likes pink and pretty
much alot of things that I like, I decided to have a go at making
a tapestry, that I fell in love with from the Tone Finnanger book
"Sew Pretty Homestyle"

This was my first attempt at making anything like this, so I
really hope it is OK

I know the photo is not the best, its just so hard to get
good light, so I have taken a close up of some of the detail

The hand stitched writing reads "Le petit Patisserie"
meaning The little bakery and
"Belles tentations" meaning Beautiful temptations.
also, as promised, the other items...
2  x  tea party themed items  :  A cupcake stand and
 Some cupcake spirinkles for Fiona to decorate her cupcakes.
Favourite Tea paty recipe:  Ok I cheated, I could not decide
on just one and I believe that one can not have too many cupcakes
especially at a tea party, so I found a gorgeous book filled
with yummy cupcake recipes. Yum!
Finally, I found that Fiona loves Choc coated pinapple lumps,
so hopefully these ones will be as nice as the ones that she likes.

I had alot of fun doing this swap, so I'd love to say a big thankyou
to Cat for hosting this swap and Fiona, I hope these items arrive
in London very soon!

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Sewing
Peta xoxox


  1. i am also in this swap and your gifts are just beautiful,well done

  2. yay your finished!! looks fabulous!!
    love how your cupcakes stand out.
    awesome pakage!

  3. What an amazing gift to send!! You've been very generous!
    I love the hand made item!