Saturday, October 13, 2012

Happy Boo from me to you!

well Hello everyone...
I know, I know its been AGES since I have been seen or heard
anywhere around here!
It's just that I have been so busy with lots of things going on :o)
So what have I been up to??? EVERYTHING!
but today I have to share for you........ a swap :oD
My niece Lisa Lee and myself thought it would be a great idea
to swap all things Halloween...well Ok it was Lisa's
idea, but I loved it anyway and jumped at the opportunity
...and I am so glad that I did!
We had to send 4 things associated with Halloween
and these are the gorgeous gifts that I recieved...
Drool if you will hehehe, because they are all mine :oD
firstly a handmade Halloween Prim doll
isn't she divine! I love that full of halloween
cheekiness..still thinking of the right name for her!
Lisa tells me the fabric charges up under light and glows in the
dark, so I better try this very soon ;o)
and did you know that Lisa is absolutely amazing
at making canvases...blows me away every time!!!!
well, I was lucky enough to get these 3 stunning creations...
I was absolutely gobsmacked when I saw these
aren't they just so stinking cute!
I think my fave is the Bat boy at the end there, but I really
love them all, and they are absolutely amazing in real
life, so full of texture and colour and just so WOW!!!!
Lisa also sent some cute spider web fabric and some authentic
American Pumpkin seeds too , I will have to get the kids to help
plant them soon :oD
here is another pic of the entire package, I still keep looking :o)
Thanks so much Lisa I love each and every piece.
Hope you like what I send you...eeek lol!
I will be back in a few days to show what I sent to Lisa
but I just need to wait for her to recieve hers first ;o)
Thanks for stopping by
Happy crafting!
Peta xoxox


  1. what a wonderful package of goodies!
    Amazing the fabric lights up? what a nifty idea.
    looking forward to seeing your makes too.

  2. What a fantastic one on one swap! I've "collected" a few things here too... sooo looking forward to the children paying a visit to my door! Boo :)

  3. haha i mean the spider web fabric glows haha..stupid phone when i was telling you it said the doll hahaha but i mean the spider web fabric glows in the glad you love everything i had so much fun making

  4. Gorgeous, and I believe that it is your Birthday. So Happy Birthday to you may all your dreams come true....

  5. Hello Peta,

    Happy Birthday, hope you have a fun day.

    Happy days.

  6. happy birthday Peta,hope you have a wonderful day and i love what Lisa sent to you.xx

  7. Hi Peta, Wishing you a Wonderful Birthday. Hope you do something special today..

    What a fun swap with Lisa..

  8. How cute is that little doll! Happy birthday Peta. I hope you had a lovely day.